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The Fleece Halloween Bish Bash Bosh!

posted 1 Nov 2011, 10:10 by Paul Laventhol

What a great night! Thanks to all who came out on saturday- Reservoir Gods beastly and his mrs celebrated their 9th anniversary?  Sorry, I can't quite remember, too much delicious Black Rat cider! Lil Jo and Duane made it up from their country house, and of course Brissoles made it out! Great to see him, and that he's not only still alive, but very well too. Many thanks to the local crew, and Richard (dont call me Dick) the sound man for such a stellar job. Take care, til the next time, Thwack!!!

The Fleece, Bristol, Here We Come!

posted 17 Sept 2011, 07:47 by Paul Laventhol

The Fleece, Bristol, 29.10.2011
Right, you dirty west country batardos, get ready for the rematch!!!!!

100 Club with Tav The Man Falco

posted 17 Sept 2011, 07:42 by Paul Laventhol

What a crazy night it was.. very cool!
its all over slap yer facebook if you wanna check out whta people are sayin...

Big Al of Wigton Has New Tattoos!!

posted 12 Sept 2011, 07:06 by paul laventhol   [ updated 17 Sept 2011, 07:35 by Paul Laventhol ]

Big Als leg Wickerman Festival, Scotlnd 2001Big Al's Leg at Wickerman Festival, Scotland 2011

Well, what can we say??
Big Al came to our gig in Carlisle, June 2011
We had a great ole sweaty rock n roll kinda night, and quite late on in the evenings proceedings Big Al had Smeg n me sign his leg!
The next time we saw him at The Wickerman Festival he showed us our signatures were now tattoos!!
That's devotion!
Or is it something else?

KK and Tav Falco/Panther Burns!!!

posted 6 Sept 2011, 07:44 by Paul Laventhol

KK Tav flyer 100 Club London 15092011

Long Lost Asrtronuts Found in Hackney, London!

posted 14 Aug 2011, 02:46 by Paul Laventhol


John and Maggot, just before King Kurt's Klub Foot Reunion at The Garage, Islington, London in march 2010

Wickerman Photos

posted 13 Aug 2011, 05:02 by Paul Laventhol   [ updated 13 Aug 2011, 05:29 ]

King Kurt at The Wickerman Festival 23rd July 2011 in Dumfries and Galloway
here's some photos

Taken by: Brian Anderso
King Kurt @ Wickerman 2011

posted 27 Jul 2011, 07:31 by Paul Laventhol   [ updated 4 Aug 2011, 08:48 ]

Back from the land of nod..

posted 20 Jul 2011, 04:24 by paul laventhol   [ updated 27 Jul 2011, 07:22 by Paul Laventhol ]

Yes, we're back up 'n running, and looking forward to a great night up in Bonnie Scotland this Saturday!!
Hope you're bringing yer wellies!!

Thanks to all at The Wickerman Festival- it was Pish!!

Actually, we had a great time up there!!!

It was Scotland's first (and only!) summer day, and the sun was out ALL day, WOWEE!!

Smeg has now finished his bag'o'wee.

Bombskare were good, and a Bangles cover singalong, who'da thunk it?!

It was great to have Robert- or Boppin Bert as he was once known as- with us once again, brandishing his pride and joy 'ThunderKurt'. What a great noise he makes with that bass.. Thanks Robert.

Gaff, like the northern lass he is, had his dad come pick him up and take him home, so alas he was unable to witness the burning. Oh, he was also playing with Vince Ray on Sunday and Monday. Traitor.

Yes, the stag headed beastie burned really well, we like fire, combined with a gang of fireworks

which got the masses ooh-ing and ahhh-ing into the night.

No offers from Bruce yet for Smeg to be his new Paul Weller

Then it was sunday.


See you all next time, yeah we'd love to come back,


First Show Since 1984!

posted 31 Jan 2010, 10:29 by paul laventhol   [ updated 27 Jul 2011, 06:59 by Paul Laventhol ]

Thank you all for coming!  More pictures soon from the Klub Foot night at the Garage, 20 March 2010

Klub Foot Reunion, The Garage, London, Mar 2010

For a very special one off, one of a kind gig, 5 of the 6 original members are back together again and playing at the Klub Foot Re-union ll
, The Garage, Sat 20th March 2010,

Yes, 5 of the original line-up! They're still alive! For one show only! Bring your Zimmerframe!

Smeg, Maggot, Thwack, John and Robert are joined by Keef on drums!!!

How can you possibly miss it?

I'm sure we should have some sensible explanation but actually we just missed you all.  And we NEEDED THE MONEY!

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